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Julien Goodwin
Jan Czmok

Welcome to the chan_sccp Project

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We are developing and extending the Skinny (also called SCCP or CallManager-Protcol) open source channel driver for the Asterisk PBX (Versions 1.0.X and CVS_HEAD).

The goal for this driver is to support all SCCP speaking devices, including older and newer Cisco IP Phones to work seamlessly with the Asterisk PBX

The original chan_sccp driver was made by Zozo which itself was derived from the chan_skinny driver.

Development on this project has been discontinued. Another group of developers has continued on this path though, and started a new project called chan-sccp-b. Please follow this link to find up to date information and sources.

Latest Milestones:

  • 01-01-06: Continued development on sourceforge project: chan-sccp-b
  • 01-05-05: New CVS snapshot released
  • 01-05-05: New CVS snapshot released
  • 01-05-05: Cisco 7970 now supported
  • 30-02-05: New CVS snapshot released (Please use HEAD instead, this release has known issues)
  • 07-30-04: 7914 Enhanced Support (SpeedDials, VoiceMail, Redial Keys)
  • 07-01-04: Basic Support for the 7960/7914 Operator Console!


If you like our work, a donation is appreciated.

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Enjoy IP telephony, enjoy chan_sccp!