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Julien Goodwin
Jan Czmok

Device Support

All devices that speak the Skinny/SCCP Protocol should be able to talk to chan_sccp, however our primary intention is to support the various Cisco IP Phones.

The following devices are currently supported:

  • (80%) Cisco 12SP+
  • (80%) Cisco 30VIP
  • (80%) Cisco 7910
  • (20%) Cisco 7914 Operator Extension for Cisco 7960
  • (60%) Cisco 7920 WiFi Phone
  • (40%) Cisco 7935/36 Conference Station
  • (80%) Cisco 7940 Phone
  • (80%) Cisco 7960 Phone
  • (20%) Cisco 7970/71 Color Touch-Phone

If you want to contribute to this project, or would like to have something special implemented, look there on how you can [Donate to the Project].